Bespoke Wheel wash systems


Tailored wheel wash solutions

All our 40 years’ combined experience goes into designing and fabricating bespoke wheel washing systems to fulfil a range of client needs. Our bespoke design and build service includes site surveys, full detail design and CAD drawings, including excavation details, if required.

All our powered and non-powered systems can be upgraded to meet your needs and overcome the challenges and limitations of your site. Modular design gives us the flexibility to do this. Our aim is to ensure you meet all your on-site environmental obligations and return vehicles to the public highway clean and free of contaminants.

Every design is subject to a comprehensive site visit and survey to assess requirements.

Examples of bespoke systems include:

Why choose a bespoke wheel wash system?

Bespoke systems are tailored to meet your specific site requirements, such as pre-existing lagoons and power supplies, which can save on build costs.

The modular nature of our wheel wash systems make it easy to adapt them to the needs of the site by adding and removing components.

A bespoke wheel wash system could: 

Some of our bespoke builds

Drive-through lorry bath with spray system

Design and fabrication of a settlement tank, reducing downtime for maintenance. The client, a brickworks, was able to clear out silt and other waste collected by our wheel wash base unit using existing plant on site. The tank is countersunk to ground level with a sloped entry ramp and angle grips.  

washing equipment

Designed for a nuclear power plant, the addition of two high powered hand lances walkway, and a fully adjustable manual control allows the operator to access the wash platform and manually clean hard-to-reach areas safely.  

Bespoke design
to combat erosion

A complete system design constructed from high grade stainless steel to help combat corrosion caused by salt and enable the prolonged use of the newly installed equipment. We installed the wheel wash at ground level to allow HGVs to travel over it easily. 

Let’s discuss the possibilities

If you would like guidance around designing a bespoke wheel wash solution, please get in touch

We’re happy to chat through any technical queries you and your team may have, and offer advice on how to adapt or modify an existing system, even if it’s not one of our own. We’re familiar with the range of wheel wash systems on the market and how they can be improved to meet specific needs.